The line is intended for visual cartridge quality inspection. On the line, the operator visually detects cartridge damage, projectile curvature, the presence of elements…

Up to 2 operators can work on the line at the same time. The operator manually removes inappropriate cartridges. We can also use a camera and automatic ejection to create a visual inspection.

We can provide a 20-minute to 4-hour supply of input material on the line. The input material is supplied by the operator in bulk to the storage tank of the line itself. The products produced on the line are packaged in bulk. The user interface on the line control panel can be customised to the customer’s requirements in terms of language and design.


  • 5.56X45 up to 120 pcs/min
  • 7,62X51 up to 120 pcs/min
  • 12,7X99 up to 90 pcs/min
  • 12,7X108 up to 90 pcs/min
  • 14,5X114 up to 60 pcs/min
  • 30X173 up to 60 pcs/min