At Bos Grubar, we have experience manufacturing larger lines for the automotive industry. We specialise in integrating new technologies into existing lines. Between phases, serving can be rigid, flexible, or robotic. The path between the phases can be linear, circular, or even combined, depending on the nature of the product, the time cycles, and the customer’s requirements due to space constraints, etc…

Our lines are essentially freestanding, with rigid, welded, powder-coated bases upon which individual phases are built using various technologies. The nature of the product determines the content of these technologies. All lines at the entrance have autonomous storage tanks into which the operator loads semi-finished products in an orderly or unregulated manner, and then various technological operations are performed in stages.

We install the following technologies on our lines:

  • Storage tanks, warehouses (with the option of exchanging stock), etc.,
  • semi-finished product control systems (mechanical, vibrating),
  • cleaning products prior to subsequent operations or at the end of the process,
  • optical search for boundary conditions to start the process, for example search for weld seams on metal pipes before reshaping,
  • reshaping of metal products, sheets, and tubes,
  • welding with different technologies,
  • tire pressing, hydraulics, servo technology,
  • punching, stamping of metal products,
  • semi-finished product assembly through reshaping and other technologies,
  • screwing,
  • engraving, spotting, marking, and printing,
  • riveting,
  • mechanical processing,
  • heat processing,
  • product controls using various measuring techniques,
  • POKA-YOKE automation approach,
  • clamping and positioning systems,
  • painting,
  • various approaches to VISION controls using optics and cameras,
  • storage.