The line is intended for the assembly of Bowden cable parts. The line is made up of Bowden housing, two plastic Bowden ends, and a silicone Bowden cap.

The line is designed so that the operator manually inserts the housing during the cycle, while the other parts are refined, fed, and mounted automatically. The insertion of the housing is automated during assembly operations. The line accommodates a variety of product sizes.

The following technological operations are performed:

  • Manual insertion of Bowden housing
  • Before the robotic transmission, the Bowden housing is automatically positioned and centred
  • During assembly operations, robotic SCARA transmission with force control when inserting the housing into the plastic ends and synchronous movement with the servo press is used during the initial assembly of the ends
  • Refining and feeding the plastic end to the Bowden housing by servo compression
  • Refining and mounting the silicone cap on the plastic end using a robotic arm
  • Arranging and feeding the plastic end by pneumatically mounting it on the housing with rivets over plastic
  • Automatic discharge of finished products