• Manufacturing of products based on customer requirements or documentation,
  • design of products, manufacturing of spare parts based on customer requirements,
  • renovation or updating of existing products, tools, devices, or production lines,
  • maintenance work and services of tools, devices, or production lines.


Serial manufacturing of metal products:

  • mechanical processing,
  • mechanical processing of Titanium or specific materials,
  • smaller series welding,
  • manufacture of metal products on hydraulic or eccentric presses weighing up to 250 tons,
  • curving of tube profiles.

Serial manufacturing of plastic products:

  • mechanical processing,
  • moulding of products.

We offer the development and manufacturing of dedicated tools for the serial manufacturing of products in our manufacturing facilities.


We provide the development of products, tools, devices, machines, and production lines based on the requirements of the customer and mechanical engineering standards for general or special use, with both low and high productivity.
We also provide technological solutions for systems to reduce production costs or find appropriate manufacturing technologies.
Our passion is resolving problems using various technologies in a single production line.
We also provide optimisation of unreliable production processes, as well as improvements in product quality and production process consistency.

We provide process automation in a variety of fields, including:

  • automobile industry,
  • defence industry,
  • wood industry,
  • energy,
  • pharmaceutics,
  • specialty fields, and more.


  • Special-purpose tools or products.
  • Reshaping and cutting tools: single-stage, multi-stage, or progressive tools (deep drawing, curving, impression, calibration, shrinkage, punching tools, cutting-curving tools, rubber reshaping tools, combination tools).
  • Dedicated manual devices.
  • Clamping tools and clamping technique.
  • Product conveyor systems (rigid, flexible, or robotic).
  • Product editing system (rigid or flexible).
  • Storage system with certain autonomies – storage tank.
  • Mounting systems for the automatic assembly of products (rigid, flexible, or robotic).
  • Automation of combined or stand-alone processes (machine vision, curving, reshaping, cutting, gluing, welding, marking, machine processing, quenching, annealing, product assembly and measurement).
  • Mounting systems for liquid or powdered media.
  • Optical control systems.
  • Mechanical control systems.
  • Measuring systems for length, mass, position, shape…