The line is intended to mark the tip of a bullet of a specific cartridge. It is designed so that the operator dispenses unmarked cartridges into the line at random and prepares pressure vessels for the cleaner and two different colours. During the process, the line refines, cleans, and applies paint in a closed system by spraying and drying the paint. Marked cartridges in a neat and dry state fall from the line into the packaging.

Advantages of the line over competitors’ lines:

  • Fast drying,
  • odourless,
  • quick colour change via quick couplings,
  • clean line, no open paint containers,
  • up to 80% shorter line cleaning times when compared to the competition.
  • We can provide you with a 20-minute to 4-hour supply of input material on the line (even up to 10 litres of paint).

The operator loads the cartridges into the line’s storage tank and prepares containers with cleaner and paint. The product on the line is packaged in bulk in the desired packaging.

The user interface on the line control panel can be adapted to the customer’s requirements in both language and design.


  • 56X45 60 up to 100 pcs/min
  • 7X99 50 up to 70 pcs/min
  • 5X114 30 up to 60 pcs/min
  • 62X51 60 up to 100 pcs/min
  • 7X108 50 up to 70 pcs/min
  • 30X173 30 up to 60 pcs/min