We produce dedicated lines for packing cartridges according to the pallet technique or free insertion of cartridges directly into the packaging.

The lines are developed individually based on the type of cartridge and the customer’s requirements. We provide you with a 20-minute to 4-hour supply of input material on the lines. The input material is supplied by the operator in bulk to the storage tank of the line itself. The product output from the line is arranged according to the customer’s requirements.

The user interface on the line control panel can be adapted to the customer’s requirements in both language and design.

The line is equipped with all the necessary certificates and standards for machine manufacturing and safety when working with such materials.

The lines consist of:

  • cartridge case dosing with editors,
  • packaging box closer and opener,
  • pallet feeders,
  • cartridge presence controls.


  • 9×19 60 – 80 pcs/min
  • 56×45 60-80 pcs/min
  • 62X51 60-80 pcs/min
  • 7X99 60 pcs/min
  • 7X108 60 pcs/min
  • 5X114 60 pcs/min