About us

One Company. Three Fields of Expertise.

The BOS GRUBAR company is conducting its activities in three main fields of expertise.

Machine Manufacture

Custom-Made Products for the Defence Industry

Machine Manufacture

We design and produce difference machines and tools, including waste separation and compaction machines (briquette-making machines).


Serial Manufacturing of Products


We provide serial manufacturing of high-quality products made of metal and plastics.


Tailored to the client’s needs and requirements.


We provide maintenance and repair services, as well as the design and production of custom-built metal spare parts made to order.

Expertise. Quality. Vision. Development. Trust.

Our clients

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Our History is Based on Tradition.

More Than 20 Years of Experience

We are a company that focuses on the production of tools, devices, and production lines for our customers with special requirements, as well as the production of various metal and plastic products in small and large series. All work is completed in accordance with standardised procedures, which include legislative requirements in addition to standard requirements.

The main starting points of our company’s policy are the focus on continuous improvement of the quality of products and services or the quality system, as well as the constant verification of results. This ensures that requirements are met in the long run, while also increasing customer satisfaction. As a result, we achieve business results that our customers, employees, and the company’s owner are proud of.


The Bos Grubar’s mission is to manufacture high-quality machines, tools, and devices for both the general and defence industries. Therefore, we invest in state-of-the-art technologies and employ hardworking, reliable, and highly qualified staff.


Our aim is to continue to penetrate foreign markets and to strengthen our reputation as an efficient and professional partner among our domestic and foreign clients. By providing high-quality products and services, we aim to become a market leader in our sector and increase our visibility both at the European as well as at the global level.


We have our own development department

Our production facility, which was built in 2001, is equipped with two 3-axis and a 5-axis CNC milling machines, a cyclic CNC lathe and a CNC lathe with driven tools, a conventional universal milling machine, a grinding and drilling machine, presses and lathes. We also have our very own development department, while our designers and engineers use the Catia software in their everyday work.



Cutting (dimensions up to fi 320mm),


turning (dimensions up to fi 350x1500mm),

milling (dimensions up to 1000x500x500mm),

flat-surface grinding (dimensions up to 800x500x300mm).


3-axis CNC milling of dimensions up to 1670X850X600mm,

3+2 axial CNC milling of dimensions up to 600x500x500 + fi 100x200mm,

5 axis CNC milling up to fi 650x350mm.


Basic CNC turning up to fi 200x600mm,

CNC turning with driven tools up to fi 300x550mm.



Wire EDM of dimensions up to 600x400x300mm,

Sinker EDM of dimensions up to 400x300x250mm.


We work collaboratively with experts from various fields in our development department to provide you with interdisciplinary development.

Our products are completely developed in-house. Development includes everything from conceptual design, simulation analysis, prototyping, case studies, modelling, and product development to manufacturing, testing, validation, assembly, and commissioning of the product to the customer. We also handle routine service support and maintenance.

The customer remains our partner throughout the entire product development and production cycle.

The CATIA software environment is used for project construction, which includes analyses, 3D modelling, 2D drawings, CAM simulations, and CNC processing.

Our products come with all the standard and user documentation required by legislation, safety, and machine manufacturing standards at home and around the world. We also provide specialised documentation based on the customer’s specific requirements.

Our products include various control systems and software environments. We are installing a MES support system for remote diagnostics and process monitoring. We can provide the customer with complete control over the process as well as quick access to the manufacturer’s services. We strive to be as close to the global trend as possible, as well as to the customer’s requirements.